HVAC - test and measurement solutions

It began building contractors and maintenance provider, and provides tools for inexpensive easy temperature measurement can be installed in a place such as a road and construction site when performing temperature measurements. To increase the speed of the measurement diagnosis, we recommend the use of the Company's non-contact infrared thermometer. This directs the thermometer to the object to be measured, will read the measured temperature on hand of LCD with the push of a button. Sophisticated design and a smooth surface, it will help you out of work by a wide temperature measurement range.

Our "automatic calibration function with industrial digital probe thermometer" is HVAC, including the cooling system, is set in the measurement for the temperature to be used in a variety of industrial. And can be bonded, such as the ceiling portion by utilizing the probe cover, can work with hands-free while the measurement of the ambient temperature. It is also possible to fix the probe tip by the use of Velcro. Since also are colored in a prominent yellow, you can reduce the misplaced on the scene.

HVAC - test and measurement solutions

HVAC Test and measurement Solutions

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