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Adhesives, solvents, many industrial chemicals, such as composition, is sensitive to product over and the temperature of the time. Manufacturing, distribution, during storage, there is a possibility that the loss of products is generated by departing from the management temperature. The product before using the product you need to know or had not fallen into improper temperature state. Delta track, we will support the management of the cold chain is a product of transport sensitive to customers' time elapsed and temperature. FlashLink CT data logger, we will monitor and record the temperature during transportation and storage. By shadow log is a patented feature, there is a fail-safe function of temperature is recorded, even if the operator did not start the logger correctly. Data, In-Transit FlashLink CT software can be downloaded to a PC, to create a tampering non-electronic files at FlashLink PDF software. In addition, you can also print the data using the CT graphics printer. Easy-to-use small FlashLink CT data logger is an essential product in the cold chain management. Also available dry ice transport model FlashLink CT -80 data logger. Product unusual quick check can be temperature label whether it was exposed to temperature (temp dot and warm mark) also offers. You can use it affixed to cartons and pallets. High accuracy of label Despite these low prices, has become a non-tampered with irreversible.

FlashLink wireless system, do a 24-hour unattended monitoring of the storage warehouse, regardless of the small and large scale. Sensor (to monitor external sensors) monitoring the room temperature in the warehouse, and then send the data to a central receiver. Data can be retrieved, you must use the FlashLink program manager software.

Chemical solutions

Chemical solutions

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